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Coldwell Drilling is a family-owned company, operating for over 43 years. Our foundations are built on the solid values of honesty, integrity, safely delivering what we promise and working together for each other’s success. The company’s founder Gayle Coldwell, her son Brendan Coldwell and a stable and experienced management team have built the business to where it is today, a well respected and capable safe drilling company operating in all sectors of the market throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific.


Safety at all times

Coldwell is focused on continual improvement to ensure it safely delivers and exceeds the standards, support, and service that you the customers require and deserve. Our commitment to our people, safety, training, maintenance, systems, and process to support the efficient and effective service are a critical component and ingredient to deliver consistent stable production performance which clearly differentiates us as a family-owned professional drilling company.

Coldwell is investing in state-of-the-art technologically advanced autonomous drills and has purchased 3 new MD6310 drills as part of its commitment to safety, our valued clients, and our strategic direction over the next 5 years.

“Coldwell, Safely Drilling into the Future”

When you engage Coldwell, we listen to what you want and deliver a service that provides safety at all times, the very best people and equipment in industry, stability, experience, capability and the commitment to make it happen.